Jacobson Culinary Arts Academy is part of Tarpon Springs High School. Culinary students follow the usual high-school curriculum, but spend 1.5 hours each day in the culinary academy.

The mission of the Jacobson Culinary Arts Academy is to promote the interest and welfare of the students participating in the culinary arts program. Students will learn how to conduct themselves in a confident, professional and ethical manner. They will learn and demonstrate procedures using basic and advanced knowledge related to the food service and hospitality industry.


The Jacobson Culinary Arts Academy is a four-year high school program that provides students hands-on experience in the food
service and hospitality industry. The academy provides training and certification in hospitality and culinary arts for up to 200 students throughout the county. Students work alongside professional chef instructors learning culinary fundamentals and techniques. The Jacobson Culinary Arts Academy strives to give its students real life skills by catering local events and entering challenging competitions. The program is almost entirely funded by fundraising efforts and private donations.

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Jacobson Culinary Arts Academy opened its state-of-the-arts facility in April 2009. This 11,600 square
foot facility includes two complete teaching kitchens with 48 student cooking stations, a 50 seat
teaching kitchen/auditorium, and a 100-seat dining room/restaurant that provides students with one of
the most sophisticated high school culinary arts academies in the United States.

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Center of Excellence
We are a “Center of Excellence”.
As a Pinellas County Center of Excellence students have the unique opportunity to earn high school
credit and industry certification at the same time, while developing skills necessary for success in a
chosen career or preparation for post secondary education.

The Jacobson Culinary Academy teaches:

Culinary Techniques
* Knife skills
* Kitchen skills, “mise en place” (workstation preparation)
* kitchen safety and sanitation
* Stocks: vegetable, brown, white and glazes
* Thickening and binding agents
* Classic and contemporary sauces

Culinary Fundamentals
* Braising, stewing, sauté, deep and shallow frying,  steaming, roasting, grilling, and broiling
* Vegetable and starch cookery
* Soups, purees, creams, broths, consommé, chowder

* Baking theory, history, and science
* Hands-on technique and fundamentals of breads, pastries, cakes, tarts, ice cream, plated desserts,
sauces, chocolate,  candy, and cake decorating